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How should office furniture be maintained in summer?

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How should office furniture be maintained in summer?

  The hot weather is not only a torture,but also a great test for office furniture.In summer,the light,temperature and humidity change rapidly,and the air is dry,muggy and strong ultraviolet.These are the factors that affect the service life of office furniture.Therefore,the maintenance of office furniture must be particularly careful.Xiaobian is here to share some experience of office furniture maintenance in summer,hoping to help you!

  1.Solid wood office furniture

  To maintain with special cleaner,you can apply protective wax or special cleaner evenly on the surface of office furniture,and then wipe it gently to maintain its luster and moisture-proof;In order to prevent the wooden office furniture door from moisture deformation,it is best to close it at will,so as to prevent it from moisture expansion deformation.It should also be noted that in muggy weather,try not to directly use the rag with water to wipe the wooden floor,so as to prevent it from moisture deformation and reduce its service life.

  2.Paperboard furniture--office cabinet

  The edge sealing of office furniture made of wood-based panel is not good or damp,which is easy to absorb water and cause expansion and damage of office furniture board.Pay attention to waterproof when using.Install waterproof pads under the legs of office furniture that is easy to absorb water.Keep a good ventilation distance from the wall near the outer wall and toilet.

  3.Fabric sofa

  Fabric sofa has been deeply loved by consumers in recent years.Cloth sofa should use a special vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on its surface.In wet weather,it is best to use sofa towel with good water absorption performance and wash it often.

  4.Metal and iron office furniture

  Metal and iron office furniture should be often scrubbed with tarpaulin and soft detergent.Iron office furniture should be repaired and painted in time in case of spots,and should not be used in humid environment as far as possible.If condensation is found on the surface,it should be wiped with dry cloth in time to prevent corrosion.

  5.Rattan office furniture

  Although rattan office furniture is not afraid of humidity,it is easy to get moldy and breed molds between rattan gaps in muggy weather.It should be cleaned and ventilated frequently,but do not expose it to the sun after cleaning to prevent it from deformation or fracture.

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