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All you want to know about office furniture maintenance is here.

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All you want to know about office furniture maintenance is here.

  1、Office furniture shall not be exposed to the sun or placed in a too dry place to prevent wood cracking and deformation;

  2、Office furniture should not be placed in a very humid place,so as to avoid the expansion of wood in case of moisture,which is easy to rot for a long time,and the drawer will not open;

  3、Office furniture can not be washed with alkaline water or boiled water,or put high concentration alcohol and banana water on the desktop;

  4、Do not wash with water or wipe the office furniture made of rubber plate with rag.Do not soak it in alkaline water to prevent the splint from loosening or degumming;

  5、The office furniture shall not be dragged or pulled,but shall be lifted and placed gently.It shall be placed flat and stable.If the ground is uneven,the legs shall be padded to prevent damage to the mortise structure;

  6、It is not allowed to mix pigments with putty with different colors from the original paint of office furniture,and then embed them into the cracks of office furniture to block them,so as not to leave scars.Just boiled water and other hot things to prevent damage to the paint;

  7、Office furniture should be painted with another layer of varnish every few years to keep the color fresh and the luster durable;

  8、Put some pepper in the office furniture to prevent mice from entering.Put camphor and tobacco leaves to prevent moths and cockroaches.

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